Precodata is an IT consulting company specialized in Cloud and Big Data, which also provides Network and Security expertise. Our firm is composed of experts passionate about innovation and new technologies with always in mind the understanding, improvement and optimization of the production and services that form our clients’ businesses.

The evolution of information systems is an essential matter for many companies. Indeed, the art of dealing with all kind of information is critical to increase productivity and keep one step ahead of the competitors.

Precodata works with companies, of all sizes and sectors, in optimizing their performances by taking actions in their IS efficiency, their strategy as well as their management.

Pure Player in Cloud and Big Data for more than 6 years, Precodata prides itself of a large experience in consulting and IS optimization whether it is in EMEA, in APAC or in NOAM regions, for renowned international firms such as Xerox, Veolia, BNP Paribas or Engie. Along with its consulting service, Precodata has a wide range of technological expertise, which allows the company to cover the whole life cycle of a project, from the conception to the production stage.


Our Vision

The IT sector has entered the first stage of a new era propelled by a radical technological rupture, with innovation as a center point.

This rupture is caused by important technological evolutions such as:

  • Scalability with the provision in real time of important needs in terms of compute
  • The increase and the diversification of Data volumes
  • Hybrid vs OnPremise vs multiCloud architectures
  • Speed and omnipresence of Networks
  • Security of data and information
  • Connected devices and their ecosystems which generates a large amount of data
  • New capabilities to search and process information in real time

This technological break also comes with another rupture in the ways to consider IT, especially with the birth of Cloud Computing, Big Data and a demand more and more centered on connected devices with the emergence of the IOT. The IT sector will progressively shift from a cost centered model, currently controlled by KPIs focused on cost reduction, to an added value services model at the heart of the company in order to differentiate itself on a more and more competitive market.

Faced with this major developments in the IT sector, new opportunities and challenges have emerged.

Instead of regarding these changes as potential threats, Precodata considers them for what they can bring. That is the reason why we work closely with our clients, taking into account their business needs, to adapt thoughtfully these new technologies to their daily activities.