Strategy and Governance of the IS

We assist Information System Division’s (ISD) in the implementation of their strategy, the improvement of their governance and the control of the Information System (IS) function.

Our assistance is divided in two parts:

-> Strategy: alignment between business strategy and IT Strategy

  • IS transformation plan: IS strategic orientations on a 3 to 5 years period
  • Information Technology Master-Plan (ITM) : formulating of aligned objectives with strategic orientations defined and projects identification
  • Control of the IS transformation: organization of the approach and execution of the transformation

-> Governance: organization and control of the ISD

  • Optimization of the ISD functioning: organization, process, services, etc.
  • Financing control: control of the IS economic performance
  • Operational control: definition and implementation of KPIs and dashboards
  • Valorization of the ISD : IS positioning as a source of value creation

Furthermore, we propose specific sensitization offers and impact studies around Cloud, Big Data and DevOps innovations.


Operational Performance

In a company, uncontrolled processes are expensive processes that will bring more risks.

The ability to identify opportunities, discover new directions or reassess the limits is crucial to elaborate a good strategy. However, it is essential to take into account the company’s vision and characteristics, in order to decide the means to apply to bring forth this vision. With this in mind, and in order to improve the operational performance, we focus our consulting activities on three large areas:

  • Costs rationalization
  • Process optimization
  • Transforming organization

1 – Costs rationalization

There are several ways to reduce costs (purchase, production systems, IS, HR, etc.). In order to improve the performance level on this topic, one must consider all the components.

Precodata works on:

  • Identifying et validating cost reduction factors
  • Identifying competitiveness sources
  • Identifying industrial opportunities
  • Simplifying the problems
  • Proposing ambitious goals
  • Defining the strategy to reach these goals

2 – Process optimization

It is the way to increase the company’s performance and productivity without losing quality and accordingly gain customer loyalty by reducing the response time and providing a constant service.

In order to assist our clients through their optimization process, we rely on the Lean Six Sigma method, based on defaults and costs reduction, and offer several approaches:

  • The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) method to conduct process optimization projects
  • The Kaizen method (or 5S method) to conduct continuous process improvement projects in a short span (between 2 to 8 weeks)
  • The Quick Win method to identify defaults on the main process in order to get quick and concrete results
  • The Quick Solver method (or 5W method) to design and solve the processes malfunctions in a short period (between 2 to 8 weeks)

3 – Transforming organizations

Companies are used to defining a strategy and set up new operational systems. The challenge lies in the ability to realize the said strategy. In that, the transformation procedure is a strategic choice for the firm.

Precodata assists its clients in their organization’s transformation by reshaping their core: business model, financial structure, management, IS, improvement of knowledge. We advise you in the definition and implementation of transforming strategies, with the main goal to increase your organization’s performance.


Application performance

Nowadays, applications can have a complex architecture, whatever their purpose, on various models (Cloud vs OnPremise; worldwide vs local; etc.) and are often dependent on other applications within the same Information System (IS).

Thus, whether the users are directly involved in the production and/or services offered by the company, whether they support or participate in their improvement, they must be able to use the available solutions. As soon as these solutions’ performances worsens, it can have repercussions on the company’s output.

Thanks to a strong experience in optimization of applications performance, we analyse these performances in order to set up optimization recommendations.

Thanks to our skills and our experience in:

  • Validation of compliance
  • Implementation of metrology services (supervision, scenario maker, analysis, validation, etc.)
  • Analysis of the code, network and related solutions

We can bring recommendations in order to optimize applications performances.

Providing and maintaining an easy and fluid tool to use for the user is a preponderant point to accomplishing its task and to ensure quality performance.


Change management

Computer science is very important to a company’s economic output. Controlling the computing activities requires skills outside of the technical framework. The Information System (IS) sector reflects the ever-changing needs of your teams.

We think that the human capital is at the heart of your firm development, being the engine of your ambitions and allowing you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We are convinced that the human dimension is key to the success of each project, that is the reason why we offer two approaches centered on it.

Change management

A project success cannot be attained without the appropriation of all its parts by the various users and actors. Precodata offers to elaborate a personalized multi channel communication plan in order to take into account the organizational and cultural particularities specific to each companies.

Precodata recommends a three steps method to support the change, each layered in two parts:

1 – Before the service deployment: launch and support of the project

  • Define: set the objective and path to reach it
  • Understand: explain the change through communication

2 – During the service deployment: take in charge of the solution

  • Mobilize: Identify each member’s part and their role
  • Train: acquire the skills required for the deployment

3 – After the service deployment: appropriation of the solution and continuous training

  • Control: reassure users on their ability to make and bring tools for the continuous training
  • Ensure: maintain the service dynamic


The human dimension is essential to the company: the increase of the skills level remains a primary objective to improve operational performance.

Precodata works to identify and develop the firm key skills in Big Data, Cloud Computing, network and security.