PrecoStudio, a multidisciplinary team that engages itself in your projects while ensuring the perfect consistency between specific and global vision.

In order to follow your needs in terms of innovation, we have created a studio composed of experts who share the same vision whether we talk about business needs, which are the core of our activities, or architecture, development, infrastructure, platform and of course data.

PrecoStudio brings together experts in transversal architecture, devops, network and security and also data scientists. The combination of these various skills allows us to better understand our clients’ needs, to be proactive in our proposals but also to develop and implement solutions dedicated to the needs of our clients.

Emulation around innovation is our philosophy, not only for the purpose of technology but always in a concern of service, optimization and improvement. Understand business needs, business segments and the devices associated with them is our short, mid and long term goal.

Thanks to PrecoStudio, we can substantially reduce Time to Market to launch new applications and services. This transversality allows us to perfect our work in order to meet more precisely the business needs.

For more than 6 years, our goal has been the industrialization through our consulting services and solutions. Whether it is thanks to automation, metrology linked to APM (Application Performance Management) or business processes definition, our objective is to optimize production (goods or services) of our clients.



Technical architecture, an essential step in the Information System (IS) optimization as well as in the implementation of business needs.

From the design to the conception and the deployment, architecture has the power to enable an IT infrastructure to be flexible, efficient and at the same time focused on the business added value.

We offer an architecture service which allows to follow these concepts through to a thorough study of the existing in order to draw a complete cartography. From this global perspective, we can provide a transverse “design” of an optimized IS while keeping as an objective an exhaustive understanding of the business.

An IS can take multiple forms, from an On Premise “design” yesterday, to today’s solutions where the physical / logical dimension must be transparent thanks to Cloud Computing, whether it is in laaS, PaaS or SaaS. In this context, it is essential to keep a global vision of all the components of the IS architecture.

With years of experience in the design, conception and implementation of hybrid architecture, Precodata has built strong connections with the major actors of Private and Public Cloud. Hybridization can take place on different levels. That is the reason why, we focus our reflexion on need in terms of service, with a global and transverse vision in order to respond to the business needs while maintaining a coherence between the IS layers.

Thus, defining an IT strategy is crucial in the architecture conception. We help our clients to identify it in order to offer a coherent architecture in line with the Business strategy.

The architecture should provide:

  • A strategic alignment with business priorities
  • Costs reduction
  • Improve the service quality and criticality level
  • Ensure service continuity and provide business recovery solutions

Finally, it must take advantage from new technologies / solutions and those in a global multi-environmental architecture. Innovation needs to be able to rely on a structured and business oriented architecture.

By taking into account IT and Business strategies we have proved our efficiency, many times, in our conceptions and implementations by associating a considerable added value to our clients businesses.



Transformation, a decisive step in the Information System (IS) innovation

In order for the IS innovation to be transverse and efficient, the existing must be mixed with the new chosen solutions. The choice of using new technologies implies to adapt the existing platforms and applications in order to gain the most of them.

Whether it is existing or new applications and platforms, it is essential to set up the best methods to benefit from the services offered by laaS, PaaS or SaaS. Transformation also involves analysis from the existing as well as provided services in order to build the best solution.

The heart of innovation lies in this part. The use of these new services implies a transformation in it “philosopher’s stone” stage to highlight the results. If we exclude the need for transformation, the best decisions in terms of process optimization, technologies or security will be degraded.

Thanks to PrecoStudio, which bring together architects, devops, data scientists and security and network experts, all with great transverse experience, we have the possibility to accompany you on both strategic decisions but above all we have the competency to implement them with consistency.

Transformation, if it is well conducted, allows to ensure a strong resilience, with the assurance of a quality of service (SLA) adapted to the company’s businesses as well as the perfect level of security. Automation and transformation of applications and platforms, management tools, IS, or data management allow to keep the conformity of the various architecture, such as the ones built in Cloud Computing (laaS / PaaS), Hybrid or OnPremise architectures.



The Information System (IS) industrialization has to offer a global service to deal with the various IS technologies.

In order to achieve the required efficiency for all types of production activities and/or services, business processes linked to the IS, like all the company’s processes, must be highly optimized to provide the best delivery. IS industrialization should allow to offer a complete service to deal with the numerous technologies meeting the needs of the company.

We have a large experience in the implementation of global industrialization methods thanks to the use of (dedicated ? ) solutions adapted to our clients.

From the thinking and the implementation of logical and physical standards, we can define the required services to the company’s businesses. Thanks to these works we can set up automation tools in order to have the most optimized IS.

We rely on proven methods such as Lean 6 Sigma or PPM to grasp and organize as best as possible the company business needs. Thus, we can decide what to set up, in terms of delivery while following different rules, whether they are legal, organizational or for security.